Fundy Adventure Tour at the Digby Pines
Friday, June 8th, 2012

Clam Digging

Digby Pines offers several self-guided Nova Scotia adventures – which are favourited by our guests. One activity we highly recommend is our Fundy Adventures Tour. This allows you to satisfy your curiosity as well as learn about the clamming and lobster industries by local residents and fishermen of the Digby area. Enjoy your tasty catches from the world famous Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia at the end of your adventure! You will be in for some delicious and traditional Nova Scotia food that will leave you wanting more!

This summer’s Clam Digs: 

June 20th                     5:30 PM
July 4th                         5:30 PM
July 18th                       5:15 PM
August 1st                    5:00 PM
August 15th                  3:00 PM
September 12th            2:00 PM

Delicious Clams

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