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April 2016

Giving Back - Dale's Dinners

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 

  • Picnic Chicken & Lemonade

One thing I do to in the off season that helps define who I am and how the resorts can contribute while we're closed, is to get involved in local charities and their fund raising efforts.

Working at a seasonal resort, I have the flexibility to give up my Friday or Saturday night from November to April to go into people’s homes and prepare meals for up to 12 people who have won me, at a charity auction in or around Halifax and my home town of Moncton.  Not only does it help the profile of the resorts, but it is a real feel good endeavor for myself as well. 

I've seen incredible generosity in very small communities to proportional generosity in the larger city centers. It would bring tears to your eyes to hear some of the stories.

Heading into a recent charity event in Halifax, my record for being auctioned off was a whopping $10,000! We stopped the bidding at $5,000.00 and both parties agreed to donate, and each enjoy, a “Dale Dinner” as they have come to be known.

At the auction this past weekend a new record was set….two dinners auctioned off in similar circumstances for $9,000.00 each! This put $18,000.00 into the hands of the charity to use to further the work they do for their endeavors and community.

I'm humbled by their donation and the thought that they would contribute this amount for my dinner. In perspective though, it was a donation to the charity and the dinner is a fantastic social time with good food, good wine and great company.

I am guessing I will help raise close to over $30,000.00 this summer (while I am working at the Pine’s) to support charities. I am also guessing that over the past ten years I have helped raise $100,000.00 or so, that was used by worthy causes.

I do it because I can, and that I have my gift of cooking, and the ability to “give back” in this way.

- Executive Chef Dale Nichols, Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa 

Taste of Nova Scotia Lobster Cook Off!

April 18, 2016 

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The Saltscapes Expo is April 22 - 24 our Executive Chef, Dale Nichols, is competing in the Taste of Nova Scotia Lobster Cook Off ! 

The Saltscapes Expo and Lobster Cook Off is being held at Exhibition Park in Halifax. 

Chef Dale will be on stage Friday, April 22 at 4:30. He will be appointed one sous chef and he must prepare the best lobster dish for the audience! One requirement of his recipe is that it must be paired with a local wine or craft beer. 

The crowd will vote for their favorite chef/recipe and experience (from watching and tasting) and the winner will be announced on Sunday, April 24! 

There will be a panel of four judges, they're looking for proper use of ingreidents, local beverage pairing, audience engagement and presentation. 

Good luck to Chef Dale, we know everyone will love it! 

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It's All About The Wind!

Friday, April 15, 2016 

  • Digby Pines Golf Course

Did you know that the design of our course is meant to cause the wind to change direction throughout your game? 

While getting ready for opening day on April 22nd I am listening to the wind blowing. It got me thinking of the wind factor at the Digby Pines. One trait of a Stanley Thompson design is circular routing.

Our front nine goes counterclockwise around the outside of our property and the back nine goes clockwise inside the front nine.

Murifield in Scotland, has the opposite rotation. These layouts lead to a significant number of wind directions.

Not only is the course designed in a circle, the wind direction will most likely change direction during your round. This is what protects the course while only playing 6283 yards at it’s longest, it can still challenge the lowest of handicaps.

Scott Nickerson, Head Golf Professional 

* * *Opening Green Fee Special $25 from April 22nd to May 19th.* * *

To begin your history with us visit or phone the Pro Shop at 902-245-7709 to plan you golfing get away.

Golf Course Opens for 85th Season

Thursday, April 7, 2016 

  • 2016GolfCourseOpen

Scott Nickerson, our Head Golf Professional, is excited for another season at our Nova Scotia resort! 

He gave us a moment to announce the opening date of Digby Pines Golf Course! 

As the Masters is set to begin this week, it seems to ignite the urge of golfing in Atlantic Canada. With an exceptionally good winter courses have been able to open earlier then usual.

The Digby Pines Golf Course is no exception to this.We will now open for our 85th season on April 22, 2016. The Digby Pines is rich in history, from Babe Ruth playing here in 1942, to long term employees with over 30 years of experience, to Guests who visit us year after year.

* * *Opening Green Fee Special $25 from April 22nd to May 19th.* * *

To begin your history with us visit or phone the Pro Shop at 902-245-7709 to plan you golfing get away.

- Scott Nickerson, Head Golf Professional