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November 2015

Towns of the Annapolis Valley: Middleton

November 27, 2015 

  • Middleton Nova Scotia

Known as the 'Heart Of The Valley', Middleton is home to a large part of Nova Scotia's history. Originally, it had two major Canadian rail roads running through it and became the finest first class luxury point outside of Halifax. 

Today it's home to just over 2,000 residents, many of whom were born and raised there. 

Visit an authentic railway-station Museum, one of three North American water-run clocks and one of five surviving Loyalist Churches in Nova Scotia. The Macdonald Museum, housed in the first consolidated school in Canada, preserves and exhibits Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley history.

Located a short drive from our Bay of Fundy resort, Middleton is the perfect stop on your way to Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa

Welcome Back Executive Chef Dale Nichols!

November 17, 2015 

  • Chef Dale Nichols

We love our team at Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa, we're always sad to see them go but we love it even more when they come back!

Thanks to corporate restructuring within New Castle Hotels and Resorts, we're excited to welcome back Executive Chef Dale Nichols to our Bay of Fundy resort!

Chef Dale, who resides in Nova Scotia, has spent years in famous Toronto kitchens and led food and beverage teams at several hotels including Delta Halifax.

Most recently, he was the Executive Chef at the luxurious Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. He's a master of his craft and loves to use fresh local products in his artistry.

His passion for teaching and cooking comes through in his work and we cannot wait to see what he will bring to the Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa table next season!

Friday Bride Day, Sunday Funday

November 10, 2015 

  • Nova Scotia wedding

Saturday is the day for weddings. Venues have Saturdays booked months and years in advance, so it's almost impossible to get your dream location. 

What if Saturday wasn't the best day? What if you could spend more time with family, make your guests happy and still have your dream wedding? 

The new trend is Friday and Sunday weddings, and we'll tell you why! 

Availability! Choosing to have your wedding on a day that isnt typical, means that your perfect wedding venue has a huge chance of being available! 

Discounts! Venues, caterers, photographers, the list goes on, their prices change as soon as your day does. You could be saving thousands just by switching your special day to a Friday or Sunday! 

Trend Setter! Everyone gets married on a Saturday, be different! Surprisingly, your guests will  thank you for having a Sunday wedding! It's easier to get a Monday off rather than a Friday and they will appreciate the long weekend! 

Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa is ready for your Friday and Sunday weddings, we're here with first class service, a unique venue and your choice of Friday or Sunday! 

For more information on our wedding packages contact Linda Weir at:

Linda Weir, Conference Services Manager

Check out even more reasons to get married on a Friday or Sunday here

Annual Tree Lighting & LED Light Exchange!

November 5, 2015 

  • Christmas Tree Nova Scotia

Get your hats, mittens and scarves, head to downtown Digby, Nova Scotia and welcome Santa Claus! On Friday, November 27, Santa Claus is coming to town! 

Starting at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, November 27, there will be the Annual Christmas Tree lighting with hot chocolate and cookies! 

On top of meeting Santa and eating wonderful treats, Efficiency Nova Scotia is offering an LED Holiday Light Exchange! 

If your family brings in two old incandescent light sets, they will be given one energy efficient LED set!