Our History

Beautifully situated overlooking the phenomenal Bay of Fundy, our spectacular Nova Scotia lodging has been welcoming guests since 1929. Since then, we have remained as one of the best places to stay, eat, and golf in Atlantic Canada.

  • 1903: Proprietor H.B. Churchill built a three-story hotel in Digby, Nova Scotia and named it The Pines.
  • The large three story hotel was built during the spring under the foremanship of Mr. D.F. Young.
  • The Pines was originally situated in the woods, the grounds contained 51 acres and featured all the modern conveniences of the time including electricity and hot and cold water.
  • 1913: Churchill gave up the hotel, the building was then used for WWI officer quarters.
  • The officers stayed in the hotel while the men camped on the grounds.
  • 1917: the Canadian Pacific Railway (C.P.R.) purchased the hotel.
  • 1918: The Pines reopened.
  • 1928: On May 14, the construction of “The New Pines Hotel” began next to the original Pines.
  • 1928: Parsons Ed Contractors was the company for the job. Three cottages had to be torn down to make room for The New Pines.
  • 1928: On June 28, the old Pines opened its doors for the last time, staying open for the summer and closing for good on September 12.
  • 1929: The New Pines Hotel officially opened on June 24.
  • 1929: The C.P.R purchased 250 acres of land and constructed an 18-hole golf course on July 17.
  • 1931: Planned and constructed under the direction of Stanley Thompson, the 18-hole golf course opened for business in the summer.
  • 1936: Babe Ruth enjoyed a round of golf at The New Pines Hotel during his visit to Nova Scotia.
  • 1942: The New Pines Hotel closed for a period of time during WWII.
  • 1946: The New Pines Hotels reopened .
  • 1965: The Government of Nova Scotia purchased the hotel from C.P.R.
  • 1965: The Government of Nova Scotia changed the name to “The Pines Hotel”.
  • 2001: The Nova Scotia Signature Resorts (Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa, Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa and Liscombe Lodge Resort and Conference Center) became managed by New Castle Hotels and Resorts.
  • 2005: The hotel officially became the “Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa” in recognition of the past and in celebration of the future.

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