June 2018

June 2018

Alfie Zappacosta will be playing at the Casa Nova Fine Beverages in Bear River on Sunday July 29th 7pm-9pm.

Enjoy an up close and personal concert with one of Canada’s premier singer songwriters, Alfie Zappacosta.  Alfie has been in the business for over 40 years and continues to delight audiences across the country.  Be one of the only 70 audience members and have an opportuity to meet and speak with one of Canada’s greatest musical legends!

For a sneak preview go to http://zappacosta.ca/videos/

Tasting Bar will be open for drink purchases and complimentary finger foods will be served at the intermission.  Contact the winery directly with any questions you may have.  E-mail:  casanovafinebeverages@gmail.com or by phone at 902-467-0363.

In honour of this great event, Digby Pines is offering a special room rate starting at $150 based on double occupancy. If you’d like to plan your musical getaway, please call our front desk at 1-800-667-4637.

Golf Tips from the Digby Pines team
June 28, 2018

1. When chipping try and keep your weight on your front foot the entire time, and follow through farther than you swing back. This will help with better contact and distance control.

2. When it’s breezy, swing it easy.

3. Don’t worry about how long or short your backswing is. Swing back until you feel tension and then stop, and begin your down swing. Trying to “reach” back further will generally cause more harm than good.

4. Beware the person who carries a 1-iron, never play them for money.

5. Choose the club that you can hit to the center of the green swinging normally. It is more impressive to hit the green with a 5-iron consistently than it is to swing your guts out with a 7-iron and only hit it once in a while.

6. Friends don’t let Friends 4-Putt.

7. Keep up the pace of play, and don’t be afraid to let groups go though. A good rule is if there is more than one hole between you and the group ahead of you, you are falling behind.

8. The Hand Wedge is 100% effective out of the bunkers.

9. If you hit your two best shots and find that you are coming up short of hitting greens in regulation. Try moving up to the next tee box, you will have more fun hitting irons into greens and having birdie putts.

10. When hitting into the green, aim for the middle. Don’t worry about chasing after pins.