Mindfulness: Add Meaning to Your Life

Mindfulness: Add Meaning to Your Life

Mindfulness is a practice through which we learn to observe and become curious about our everyday life. It’s a tendency to spend our time in our heads and not on the task at hand. We often perform the day to day activities in our life automatically without actually being present to our physical experience. By living this way, our life passes us by while we are caught up in the story in our heads. We miss the opportunity to truly taste the food we are eating, to see and experience that beautiful rose bush we walk past every day on our way into work, or to truly see the people that we interact with every single day. We are in such a rush to accomplish everything on our to do list that we miss those deep, beautiful moments that are available to us every day. Those moments are what give our everyday meaning.

This workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to add mindfulness to your life.
We will focus on learning:

  • To become comfortable with stillness and silence – avoiding the tendency to turn to your phone every chance you get
  • How to do a body scan – grounding yourself in your body and learning to listen to the subtler cues and messages your body gives to you
  • To use your breath to access a calm, peaceful state of mind – helping you to speak, act and live from a more peaceful and centered in anxious moments
  • To slow down and enjoy the food and beverages you are consuming – helping you to enjoy the food you are eating and gauge hunger and fullness more easily

Extend your Labour Day weekend!
The workshop will run from 9am-1pm at the Digby Pines Resort on September 5, 2017.
The early bird rate for the workshop is $65 and is available until August 21, 2017.
The price goes up to $75 between August 22- September 5, 2017.
The hotel is offering rooms starting $99 for workshop participants.

About Nicole

Nicole Oliver graduated from YTT with JKK (Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified) yoga teacher training in 2016. Her relationship with yoga started in 2003 and solidly became a part of her life in 2012. Her background is primarily in kripalu yoga. Her classes are introspective and mindful. She is passionate about teaching peace, emotional resilience and self acceptance through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and journaling.